The Man’s Warehouse- TMW

So today i stared officially working as a blogger for TMW and im beyond thankful for that so what is TMW? here is all you need to know about it

The Man’s Warehouse- TMW is brought forth to join in various enthusiastic creative people who design apparel and accessories specifically made for Male Mesh Avatars such as
– Niramyth Aesthetic


TMW is a periodic event that starts every last Saturday of the month and lasts for two weeks. Under one venue, there are many prestigious brands with great designs that will improve our Second Life living.


-modern presentation representing venue
-better promotion via group notices and Social Media (Blogs, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterst)
-better insight on Market for the brands
-wide range of clients who prefer to shop in one place
-easier creation of whole look styles
-b2b contacts and cooperating on possible new projects


-new releases
-easier shopping
-better styling possibilities
-special offers
-mix and match options
-getting demos all in one place


-Modern, open space exhibit venue
-Modern easy to cam 3-side closed space where each brand can be decorated within the borders of the “box.”
-TP Boards on landing point, with each brand’s logos listed (In order as they applied)
-promotion in group (s), newsletters, Social Media and other.
-Opening party visitor invitations
-making links with bloggers
-client friendly communication to improve the development of the event

TMW Team is open to any ideas and comments to improve the event. We want to make this one of the best shopping experiences in Second Life. Feel free to send a NC to
– Nesh Valeska or IM on Facebook.
– Maxwell Cyrado or IM on Facebook


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