MUST HAVE: Beauty and the Beast Adult -SW- Ottoman

MY REVIEW : I‘m officially blogging for objects and furniture and is something I‘m really excited hope you like and this attempt to leave my trusted zone which is the clothes and want to explore different and good things starting with this wonderful and amazing Beauty and the Beast Adult Ottoman use it and it was an unforgettable experience for me this is a must have you all Should Have One of this in your house to have some fun with your partner or lover πŸ™‚ i mean i had a blast

INFO ABOUT THE FURNITURE (Click on the Image to buy)

-SW- Beauty and the Beast Adult Ottoman with HUD – 100% Mesh

Furniture has excellent LOD for distance viewing, modifiable and copyable so you can copy as many as you wish.

Land Impact:
-SW- B&B Adult Ottoman V 1.0: 1LI
-SW- Adult Ottoman V 1.0 HUD

—-> Important Notice <—-
-> Ottoman contains 52 cuddle and adult animations, synced with the ability to swap, adjust the position and rotation
-> Due to script protection items may seem as “no modify”
-> 26 visual styles
-> To use the HUD you need to rezz it on the ground and choose the style you wish to have.

SWβ„’ Store!
– If you wish to give this to someone,
please use the Add To Cart As Gift option on the right hand of this page.
The furniture in this pack is not for repackaging, reselling or gifting.
Please leave a review. Your feedback goes a long way to the future development of our products, and enables us to provide you with the best quality.
Please contact SaraWayland if you wish to see this set in world or experience any issues.


Also you guys should check out the Entire store if you are a Furniture Lover and Texture she makes amazing Texture pack High Quality of course i would never share with you all something that is not ON POINT! πŸ™‚

Check the Marketplace here with amazing afforable prices wich is something that i love about




i would love to thank Jack Guru πŸ™‚ for all the fun πŸ™‚

SW- For letting me work with her LOVE YOU

Happy Shopping everyone ❀ – Steven










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