Sync’D Motion Friday!

@MOSync’D Motion__Originals – Move

Review : Hello everyone nice start of the weekned here we go with our Weekly Sync’D Motion Friday! Reviewing Sync’D Motion lastest dances here we got ”Move” wich is a slow motion sexy passionated dance is perfect dance for a private night with your men in the lonely hours if you know what i mean 🙂  This is right now out in the Mainstore


Sync’D Motion_Originals – Pay

Review : BUDDYS WHERE YOU ARE ALL AT! Here we got ”Pay” a new male dance for the fellas is perfect to Jamp to your favorite rap song or Trap in your plat with your buddies this hotness is out now at MOM

Taxi to @ MoM

Incase the round finished and you are reading this go to the Mainstore

Stay tuned for the new blog re-desing coming soon until next time ❤

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One comment

  • Your dances are not that great and you put the best dance as a bonus in a fatpack while the rest is mediocre. Very lame, how about you let people pick what dances they want instead.


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