My Journey

I started blogging at the beginning of 2016, I loved to dress up, I remember back in my noobie days I would just start mixing and matching all the Freebie Galaxy stuff because you know that was kind of like the ‘thing’ back in 2012 especially for someone new to the game that didn’t know much about it, that’s what I would do, then I met a good friend of mine who got me into the blogging and I bought everything for me to start! ever since

My style is not planned, it is generally a reflection of my mood. I don’t have a goal other than simply following my intuition day to day. I am learning and evolving more everyday as my blog grows in its own way. Your time and willingness to support my blog is greatly appreciated. As always, thank you so much for visiting! – Miaa Rebane

Now i quote her because that’s how I always saw myself in the blogging community i see a lot of people having some stereotype of how a blog should look like or what goes with what and what doesn’t and to me, in all honesty, is what in my vision looks good and what I’m feeling to share with everyone ❤

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